Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training


Our bespoke Security Awareness Training is tailored to each clients requirements to ensure the areas specifically identified as concerns, generic threats or those highlighted following risk assessed deployments or practices are included within the packages. 

Our collaborative bespoke Security Awareness Courses, designed to make your employees more conscious of their personal safety at work, whilst travelling and whilst at home ensure your staff are knowledgeable in safe practices and methodology in securing themselves, their property and your organisations assets.

The training is delivered by our highly experienced Accredited Security Management Specialists and Specialist Security Consultants from an array of backgrounds including: Former SAS, SBS, MI5, Specialist Police Units and Corporate Security Sectors.


    The bespoke Security Awareness Training packages typically include areas such as:

  • Personal Safety 
  • Travel Safety 
  • Work place Safety 
  • Hostile Environments 
  • Driving Skills 
  • Anti- Surveillance 
  • Explosives Awareness 
  • Kidnap Awareness
  • Crime Prevention

The training is delivered by energetic, friendly and experienced trainers who are also experienced in the subject matters being taught and come from highly respected backgrounds with continued and current operational experiences.


These Security Awareness Training programs are delivered at our dedicated training facilities throughout the UK, but can also be delivered at your premises for group bookings.

Our training facilities include modern, fully equipped training rooms with comprehensive training equipment and dedicated ‘break out’ areas; on site admin support and ample car parking.


    Our Security Awareness Training packages include:

  • Bespoke package design in agreement with the clients requirements 
  • Training from an experienced Accredited Security Management Specialists and Security Management Consultant Trainers 
  • Handout material as applicable