NHS Security Awareness Training

NHS Security Awareness Training


Our bespoke NHS specific Security Awareness Training is tailored to each NHS client requirements so that it can be easily integrated in to the systems accordingly, whether that be Induction Training, Mandatory Annual Training or Incident Related Training.

Security affects everyone who uses or works within the NHS. The security of staff and safety of staff, professionals, service users and property should be a priority.  All of those working in the NHS have a responsibility to be aware of these issues and to assist in preventing security related incidents or losses. Reductions over time in losses or incidents through the consequences of violence, theft or damage will lead to more resources being freed up for the delivery of better care and contribute to creating and maintaining an environment where staff, professionals and service users feel and are secure.

The training is delivered by our highly experienced NHS Accredited Security Management Specialists and we can provide the training to suit your training timetables.


The NHS Specific Security Awareness Training is bespoke to each clients requirements, but generally the training consist of the following areas explained in relevant detail:

  • Workplace Violence 
  • Criminal Damage 
  • Theft 
  • Lone Working 
  • Out of normal working hours routine 
  • Reporting System (Datix etc) 
  • Crime Prevention 
  • What does your NHS Trust (or equivalent) do to manage Security related issues? 
  • What can you as an employee do to help?

The training is delivered by energetic, friendly and experienced trainers who are also experienced in the subject matters being taught and come from highly respected backgrounds with continued and current operational experiences.


These Security Awareness Training sessions are delivered at your premises for group bookings and are tailored to compliment your available training time allocations. Please discuss this with us for your bespoke packages.


    Our NHS specific Security Awareness Training includes:

  • Bespoke package design in agreement with the clients requirements 
  • Training from an experienced NHS Accredited Security Management Specialist 
  • Handout material as applicable