Kidnap Awareness Training

Kidnap Awareness Training


Our bespoke one day training course provides an invaluable understanding of kidnap and ransom situations, whilst also preparing individuals with effective procedures and techniques for dealing with these incidents.

This highly practical course also provides insights for personnel working in hostile, high risk or remote environments to help reduce the likelihood of being kidnapped.  We provide proven, pragmatic knowledge that will help ensure the learner is more likely to survive a kidnapping incident.

This course provides our students with the expert knowledge from very experienced special forces trainers with tremendous operational experience, to provide students with the confidence to cope should the unfortunate situation arise.

This course allows you to access the skills and expertise that we have acquired from decades of operational experience in operational tasks and delivering training on the subject matter.  Our course has opportunities to talk with experienced security operatives and special forces personnel.


    Our bespoke Kidnap Awareness Training packages typically include areas such as:

  • Prevention and contingency planning 
  • Security awareness 
  • Surveillance awareness 
  • Kidnappers’ tactics 
  • Conduct after capture 
  • Responding to kidnap 
  • Kidnap crisis management 
  • Practical scenario experience


These Security Awareness Training programs are delivered at our dedicated training facilities throughout the UK, but can also be delivered at your premises for group bookings.

Our training facilities include modern, fully equipped training rooms with comprehensive training equipment and dedicated ‘break out’ areas; on site admin support and ample car parking.


    Our Kidnap Awareness Training includes:

  • Bespoke package design in agreement with the clients requirements 
  • Training from an experienced specialists 
  • Handout material as applicable