D Broad - Business Development Manager

(Leading National Skills Body)

"Working with Ubique on this project has been great! Their expertise, attention to detail and responsiveness has been outstanding. Our clients are pleased with the results, and we look forward to many more collaborations in years to come."

C Higson - Security Assurance and Emergency Planning Manager

(Civil Nuclear Industry)

"Ubique Risk Management's design and delivery of training is impactive, successful and cost effective with the minimum of staff distraction.  

Their Subject Matter Experts have wide experience of emergency services incident management, operational, tactical and strategic command experience.   The feedback from our workforce has always been excellent and I highly recommend them to any organisation."  

S Wood - Contracts Manager

(Facilities Management Industry)

"Exceptional experience in the safety & security industries.  Their affable trainers provide realistic and interesting approaches to learning.  There flexible and professional approach has always ensured value for money and is continuously to the highest standards that they pride themselves on."

A Collins - Deputy Security Manager

(Civil Nuclear Industry)

"Inspirational, Leading, Knowledgeable, Objective and Affable with the ability to provide reassurance and confidence throughout the project.  In short - Ordinary People with Extraordinary Results !"

M Hancock - Managing Director

(Private Security Industry)

"Methodical, precise and succinct, always important qualities when dealing with evolving and contentious situations, I have no hesitation in recommending their work but more importantly their manner and approach to work".

S Lamley - Security Management Specialist

(National Health Service)

"One of the most talented yet unassuming people I've met in this industry. Exceptionally smart, conscientious and able to focus very clearly on the priority tasks. A wealth of experience to date and deliver to an exceptional standard".

C Morris - Managing Director 

(Private Investigation Industry)

"Multi-skilled security/risk experts and incredibly likeable too which in my book really matters.  They really have been there and done lots and are still doing it and all to an incredibly high standard.  Strong astute relationship management skills and efficient, ethical and highly motivated.  I would not hesitate to recommend to all and I know that the input really makes a difference and is always an incredibly positive one at that".

P Gage - Security Consultant

(Close Protection Industry)

"Polite and Professional with a wealth of experience to bring to whatever organisation they work with".

J McGhee - Senior Operational Safety Lead 

(Oil & Gas Industry)

"Instructional technique was excellent and every practical or theory session was conducted with a high level of professionalism and enthusiasm.  Posses great knowledge and have an abundance of experience in the field of Close Protection.  I met the MD (Richard) again one year later on the Close Protection Circuit in Iraq and it was a pleasure to see him hard a work in difficult circumstances but still his professionalism and motivation was always on display".

P Ryan - Client Witness/Inspection Engineer 

(National Health Service)

"Attention to detail and standards are second to non.  Very loyal and will endeavor to commit to any present or future client with 100% commitment whatever role is undertaken".