Protective Surveillance Services Provided by Experts

Do you require covert close protection services? If so, take advantage of the protective surveillance solutions on offer at Ubique Risk Management. Our widely experienced security personnel offer professional services for families and those who don't want to attract attention.

Keeping You Safe

Whether you use it at a standalone service or as part of our close protection services, protective surveillance is designed to keep you safe. It enables you to go about your day-to-day life without obtrusive protection. When you choose Ubique Risk Management, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be surrounded by a highly trained protective team at all times.

Dealing with Specialist Cases

If the case is sensitive or inappropriate to have a visual protection team, you’re more likely to need protective surveillance as appose to normal close protection services.      It is a means of providing protection, ongoing intelligence, and risk assessment by both physical and electronic surveillance.  Protective surveillance is especially suitable for cases that include:

  • Individuals with High Net Worth
  • Victim of Stalking
  • Children and Families

A Close Protection Package

To achieve the best possible security, we recommend using protective surveillance as part of a larger close protection package. Included as part of this service, we deploy military specification satellite tracking equipment and covert audio and video surveillance.